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When asked, Jepera can assist you in composing the text of your  pitch in contemporary English.

The content of your message will allways be up to you. Jepera will show you how to translate your thoughts in the best possible way : to the point, entertaining and convincing.

Jepera offers suggestions and will let you hear just how your pich will actually sound.

The content of your pitch will alway be yours to decide..


Jepera can adapt your pitch to your personal speaking style and preferences.

There are those words and expressions, nearly impossible to pronounce and 'getting stuck' on a word or a phrase during your pitch rarely comes across as professional.

A lack of preparation can diminish or even undo the effect of your words.

'Preparation, preparation, preparation  (dixit  John F. Kennedy).


Once your pitch has been composed and customized, Jepera can assist you during the rehearsing. You can practice in front of a mirror, but why not record your efforts on camera?

Jepera will play the part of  your audience, listening to what you say and, most of all, how you say it. Make no mistake, nobody can deliver a good pitch without rehearsing.

You will decide when you're ready to deliver your pitch, but never forget :'Practice makes perfect'.

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